Kent Frkovich, President and CEO of Cisco Air Systems, asked us to strategize and produce a top-quality video that he and his team could use on the job to help showcase their company and its capabilities. 

For our client, it was important that we displayed the scale, organization, and team that he has helped build. To do this we created a cinematic interview-based video with clips that touched on exactly what Kent and his team were looking for. 


On our first meeting, we discussed the goals of the video. We then scouted the locations in order to begin planning shot lists and scheduling for our production days. With the help of reference photos, our team was able to clearly outline our production and the necessary equipment on set.


With our production team on set for our first shoot day, we began capturing the key moments that Kent and his team were waiting for. By working employees, we were able to record live-action scenes that were common around the offices. We also wanted to showcase the dedicated service workers who stand by Cisco Air System’s promise.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 9.38.09 PM

One difference when working with us at Lira Media is that we like to have fun while being productive. We love interacting and working with clients’ staff and customers and getting them involved in the creative process. Our new friend worked alongside our production team and handled phone calls just as if she would on the job. Thank you again!

The project was taken from idea to final cut within 3 weeks. This included a second shoot day at a second location as well as three different cuts finalizing effects, color grading, tempo, and more!

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