Start to finish media production

Create viral worthy photos and videos with Lira Media’s in-house production team. Customer’s views are valuable so leave a lasting impression. Our staff will plan, shoot, and edit custom videos that inform and entertain your visitors.



Professional equipment

We use high-quality AV equipment to transform ideas into reality. Our Canon cameras and lenses capture stunning photos and videos. Audio is recorded through professional grade microphones from trusted brands such as RĂ˜DE and Sennheiser. Apple computers and Adobe Creative Suite provide the perfect blend of hardware and software for post production. Simple color grades to movie-like affects are all possible with our production team. Your media is maintained at commercial quality from start to finish.




Animation studio

A great way to relay information is through entertaining and captivating animation. Graphic styles can range from simple 2-dimensional to 3D life-like objects. Brand mascots are brought to life using our animation studio and recording voiceover to energize audiences. Contact us today to discuss animation services!