Family owned and operated since 1959 with projects ranging from home office designs to working with some of the largest organizations in California such as CALPERs and California Highway Patrol.

Our client utilized an .asp built website utilizing legacy servers from the early 2000s. Web content updates were tedious and required work arounds in order to stay current.

The website was not responsive nor did it feature any platform to sell the office furniture products.

Together, we produced a responsive e-commerce platform built on the ever-popular WordPress open source software.


Wordpress Website Design & E-commerce

Wordpress, HTML 5, CSS3, AJAX

Custom WordPress Theme, WooCommerce Story, Color Variations, Product Data Import Script

WooCommerce allows for large amounts of customization that can mold to the exact needs of our clients. It is also very robust. Our client needed to import thousands of SKUs and their data from the product supplier while being able to easily update product options as they are released. We created a web script that took information from a large spreadsheet that then routed and placed each piece of necessary information onto the web page.

We worked for our client to make the product management as smooth as possible. Now, they can import data from other manufacturers with the click of a button.

Product Navigation
Before, products were simply tabs missing visual representation of the categories.

After, we created customizable cards that feature photo, video, and slideshow functions in order to best represent the client’s product offerings.

Moving forward

We don’t move on without you. We create partnerships to ensure that the website is staying up to date and performing optimally. This hard work and client collaboration extends beyond the site redesign — we’ve created photo and video media as well as improved the import software to accept more product manufacturers. We’ll be creating more content and tools to engage our client’s target audience for years to come.